Bow and Arrow Friday Nights

by Old Money

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released March 11, 2011



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Old Money Texas

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Track Name: Freedom Cage
Well you can't really blame Mom for tryin'.
I was never meant to stay.
School was always a prison;
The jungle gym my freedom cage.

Who can know which way my heart will go?
Call my kin because I'm headed home.
Just know I'll never stay.

You sounded great in your letter.
Without me you've got it made.
We don't need bars to feel at large
these midwest blinds do the same.

Who can know which way my heart will go?
Call my kin because I'm headed home.
If i don't lose my way.

Paper sacks make you look so old
but what a classy way to get your groceries home!
And I've been built to pay all we owe!
And that's why I'll never stay.
Track Name: Johnny and St. Jack
Saint Jack waits for Johnny at the Desert Inn.
Neon lights keep ya company while you're waitin' on a friend.
Yuma is a place where all the bandidos have been.

Johnny was a heathen a murderin' man.
He killed nuns and the devil with the back of his hand.
He's got a score to settle so he's headed for the Desert Inn.

Mamma cried for days when she met his foul-weathered friend.
Cuz his choice of vocation includes a pine box and a preacher man.
I guess both got tired of playin' games for control of the promised land.
So Johnny said...

Johnny's loadin' ammo into the bed of his truck.
The business men are all his friends as America can't get enough.
His craft and fame and fortune are raised with Mexico down on its luck.

While Saint Jack sits and stares at his choices again
between two desert eagles or one mac-10.
Dawns his family colors of crimson says "let it begin.
Cuz if someone's gunna die tonight it might as well be him."
Johnny cracked a grin, licked his lips and said, "hello friend."
Well then Saint Jack said...
Track Name: Casual Acts of Consideration
I was passin' through some winnebago wilderness
when i bumped into a stranger with eyes full of forgiveness.
I said "I'm sorry sir I know your life has been no bed of roses
so please accept my apologies so we can put this mess behind us."

He said, "Friend are you alright? And does your mind keep you up at night?
It's a fact that ya gotta be kind! Oh but don't go lyin' down so fast if ya really wanna thrive.

Like when life just hands you lemons and you don't know what to say
just slap life in the face and tell it to make your lemonade.
Say yeah i may be broke right now but i ain't nobody's slave!
Life you'll work for me, and not the other way."

So I headed back to Georgia towards the local superstore
when the sweetest southern bell i've seen greeted me at the door.
She said, "time has had his way with me and if I could I'd help you more
but now old regrets and my loneliness are all that I can afford."

And I said, "Friend are you alright? And does your mind keep you up at night?
Yeah it's true that we're all gunna die, but death is not the end it's just another part of life.

You'll leave your cares behind with all those red curb restrictions,
stand up proud and dance around, throw your debt upon your children!
And you'll meet up with old friends who've joined the saintly congregation.
And like a snow globe on an antique shelf, you just can't help but shake it!"
Track Name: Champagne, Paris of the Midwest
I remember you standing alone on the curb
through my rearview I watched til' your figure was gone.
I could feel no composure, my guilt was a knife that was killin' the finest summer of my life.
I swore that I'd stay, but i lied.

So take a strong dose of silence you've been annexed by faith
so you can make it through all, or at least part of your day.
You complete me my darling. "You're my other half" she said.
So I sit in the swings wishin' half of you were dead.
Time spent was well wasted.

I'll be home as soon as I can.
As soon as I've squandered all of my backup plans.
Because she thinks love's like a mountain that day breaks
and casts all its colors so ornate, but leaves us once summer is gone.
Yet still carries on.

I stayed too long. I've been sleepin' for light years awaiting the dawn of your kind emissary pawn
that you'll move to my flank just to take out my queen.

Because she thinks love's like a mountain that day breaks and cast all its colors so ornate.
But leaves us still hangin' on mistakes.
I'm like a mountain chain! (repeated)
Track Name: Woody Guthrie
This old machine makes ends meet.
He said, "I don't like to get used I'm the usee.
And I'm not much of a singer so i play for free.
I'm at every interracial jamboree."

His wife got murdered by her broken heart
Friends always said they needed time apart.
And I was with him walkin' down some urban beach
when he stopped dropped to his knees and let out a primal scream.

Oh man alive! Daddy's gettin' wasted fast and he needs a ride.
Say what is pride? Could it be that old Woody was a bound for glory long before my time?

What a soldier for the people, a patron saint.
For some desperate West Virginia coal miner, coal dust for war paint.
And the union pays to live at home so I'm gonna stay.
The government's wrong anyway.

Because it's around this world that i have traveled
and it's around this world that i have roamed,
yet in all of my many days of wanderin'
I've never seen an outlaw drive a family from it's home.'

Oh, sweet child O' mine! Good Dylan was a willin' to comfort you at the end of your sweet life!
But now that you're gone who's going to carry us on? Who's gunna tell us we've won? Your map's been made so so long!

This land was made for you and me! Just like he said it "you can only write what you see." (repeat)
Black-balled and mobile always on the run. My t.v.'s my Bible and my guitar's my gun! (repeat)
Track Name: Bow and Arrow Friday Nights
He resurrected where he lay,
in a shallow unmarked interstate grave.
His mother woke up she was far away,
grievin' for her long lost babe.

But there to lead the rusty way
was a kind young indian brave.
He said "I'll do ya this one favor
but I ain't your slave."

Ive stood at countless roadsides
my thumb turned towards them blue skies.
Now I'd die before i'd ever give a free ride.
I'm not a hypocrite times have changed!

Late one night while Moses slept
you snuck past his heart's machine gun nests.
Made a stronghold deep down in his chest
that he could not reclaim.

Keep two feet in the headlights.
Pistols cocked with iron sites.
Bow and arrow friday nights.
I hope i keep my heart right.

Stickin' to the radio.
Hair full of soul glow.
Your dime is worth a nickel
when American money flows.

Well holy crap and holy cow,
euphemisms for the proud.
The simple and the pious folk
think they gotta stay broke.

Like back it up now blow it down!
Shake all of them covers out.
You're mighty young but nowadays
oil only fuels our rage.

Don't harm your father's name.
Get them boots back on that plane.
Crazy were the days
when God was all the latest rage.

Don't harm your father's name.
So get them boots back on that train.
Crazy were the days.
when Jesus was the latest rage.